We love sleeping

In 1995 Jerzy Kieczmerski made a mattress for his grandson, which was filled with buckwheat shells – a natural material with extraordinary health properties. This material was underestimated for a long time and seen as a waste from buckwheat processing. That’s how the our history has began and how our ideology was born: we make mattresses with love.

We love sleeping, but the only thing that keeps us awake at night is the thought that you should rest properly as well – no matter if you wish for a good night sleep or a short nap during daytime. Fulfilling the idea behind our slogan “sleep well” is our main goal and life passion. We always remember about children – we created for them a special ROO line. We believe in nature and protect it, that’s why we’re faithful to buckwheat shells and other friendly materials that help us to take care of your health and pleasure.

The best people, high-quality materials and latest machines – let’s also add passion and one common aim: your healthy and comfortable sleep. That’s the secret recipe of Danpol Company. Every stage of production is important,so we keep an eye on everything from start to the end and at our place. Our covers are made from scratch – first, we produce the fabric and later on we sew it.


At this point, our machinist sews the top and bottom layer of the mattress and adds the zip – everything for your comfort.

Zip allows you to take off the cover and wash it in the washing machine. We know that the needs of our clients are diversified, that’s why we offer different covers – some of them can be washed in the washing machine, while the others are waterproof. For the most demanding clients we prepared covers with special properties.

You can choose between the two:

  • aloe vera – moistening and antibacterial properties
  • silver – antibacterial properties and even better moisture wicking

Let's pack!

At this point cover is joined with the filling.

Buckwheat, coconut, latex and foam mattresses are available in different variants – you can choose whatever you want. We check the products again to ensure there is no flaws. One more vacuum packaging and your mattress is ready to go.

In our world your and your child's good sleep is our priority.

We use materials delivered only by companies with certificates such as OEKO-TEKS. For years we work with trusted supplier base.

Company owners are personally responsible for ordering the materials – a high quality of the materials is the key factor.

At our company we have a certified measure with which we can control the materials and ready products.

We care for the environment: the plastic and PUR foam waste undergoes recycling and the rest of the domestic waste is segregated.

Mattresses with buckwheat shells

Wherever it is possible, we choose natural products, because we believe in nature’s wisdom.

Buckwheat shell, underestimated for a long time, plays the main role in our products. We’ve chosen buckwheat shells because of their anti-allergic, non-irritating and anti bedsores properties. Thanks to that our mattresses have medical properties and are suitable for rehabilitation.

We help the nature with fumigation process to clean the shells professionally – buckwheat spends 10 days in silos and there is no possibility of the existence of microbes. Everything for your safety.

Quilted pouches – that’s how we keep the shell in one place and let her work at the same time. In such a pouch shell can move and gently massage your body everytime you move on your mattress.

Top side of the mattress guarantees airness and airflow. We sew the mats by hand to make sure that they are filled with satisfactory amount of shells and will fulfil their mission.

Not all the elements can be 100% natural, but we aim for it.

In some mattress models some of the layers are joined with water glue, which is crucial for the hygiene. If we reach for foams, we ensure that they are produced with use of plant oils. We control the quality of used materials and working standards at every point.

Focus on quality!

That’s why we hire only the best group of experts and use the best-quality materials. For our devotion we received such quality trades as KidZone, ECOS or Certificate of National Public Health.

We care for our clients, especially those youngest. For children we designed ROO line. While designing our furniture, we consult with best designers and sleep experts thanks to whom we can understand the needs of children of any age. Practical ROO furniture are a wise childhood companion: they take care of a healthy development, safe sleep and creative rest environment. Our furniture grow with your children to support them as long as possible. ROOs’ furniture is made of solid wood covered with odourless safe varnish. Among their strengths is simple scandinavian design, which fits every inside.