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Have you already seen a buckwheat pillow?

The pillow is filled with natural buckwheat shells. Cover is made of 100% cotton fabric. The only filling is… buckwheat shell.

The pressure on the pillows’ surface moves the filling around and leaves the space for head and supporting the cervical plates at the same time. A proper posture during sleep has a huge impact on our mood and comfort. We recommend this product in slipped disc and migraine prevention. 

A buckwheat pillow is completely natural and does not develop allergies – it allows proper airflow, absorbs heat and moisture, and has antibacterial properties.

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Thermoelastic pillow

VISCO foam stands for unique comfort. It slowly adjusts to the shape of the body and supports perfectly, no matter if we sleep on our side, back or simply move a lot at sleep. An optimal head position during sleep guarantee proper blood flow and oxygenation of the brain.

We recommend it to those of you, who suffer from neck pains, headaches and for a good sleep habits.

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Toper visco

Toper to dodatkowe pięć centymetrów, które zmienią nawet najprostszy materac w najwygodniejsze łoże. Toper Visco składa się z trzech poziomów: między dwoma warstwami pikowanej dzianiny kryje się pianka termoelastyczna, która pod wpływem ciepła zmienia swój kształt tak, by jak najlepiej dopasować się do Twojego ciała. To zdrowy i wygodny wypoczynek na miarę Twoich potrzeb.


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Draw-sheets – what’s that?

A draw-sheet frotte is made of quilted 100% cotton with a rubber. It protects the mattress from dirt and thanks to the special membrane it allows airflow and is waterproof. 

Waterproof properties combined with airness. A quilted layer is soft and nice.

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A sheet from jersey 100% cotton fabric with a rubber. A high-quality fabric allows washing repeatedly without losing the quality and with ideal adjusting to the mattress.

A rubber was sewed to the sheet, so that we can be sure that it will not slip from the mattress.W prześcieradło wszyta została gumowa taśma zabezpieczająca przed zsunięciem z materaca.

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Buckwheat mat

A topper for the mattress filled with buckwheat shells. Mats are used to upgrade the properties of the already possessed mattress. The arrangement of the shells in the quilted pouches guarantees airness and controls the body moisture.

Buckwheat shells gently massage your skin and subcutaneous tissue. Tanning naturally occuring in buckwheat protect you from mites and bacteria in the mattress and on your skin.

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